From Worthless To Worthy In Five Mistresses: Episode 1

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Divine Bitch: Goddess Aiden Starr
Slave: Scout

Scout, Divine Bitches‘ newest project: what can we do with him with 5 days of training and 5 different Bitches? Aiden sets the tone for his training by requiring him to arrive in chastity. She completely taunts him with the chastity key. He’s humiliated about his pathetic cock while he endures CBT with a heavy bowling ball weight, nipples are clamped with weights, and he’s beaten with the flogger and single tail. He’s objectified with a leather bag over his head and fucked brutally in the ass. He’s then teased and denied in chastity with his balls tied up and made to worship Aiden’s beautiful asshole. Aiden demands that he suck and kiss her feet while being close to her pussy while she gets off, but keeps him locked away, tight in his belt, denying him any pleasure at all!

Don’t miss Scout’s next day of training with Mistress Felony. Has he learned his place?

Maitresse’s Evaluation


  1. chastity
    give up manhood
  2. sexually objectify
    to treat merely as a sexual instrument
  3. worship
    showing acts of devotion

Closing assessment

  • subject seems comforted in chastity until teased
  • anal abilities are average
  • pain threshold above average
  • worshipping abilities need refinement

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