Mistress Tara Indiana, New York, USA at The Den of Iniquity

Strict, life-style Mistress

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With over 15 years experience, Mistress Tara is a strict, life-style Mistress. She takes total control in her sessions. She doesn’t do fantasy role-play nor does she accept any requests. She is interested in meeting men and woman who are genuinely submissive, who are there for their Mistress’s pleasure and believe that slavery is it’s own reward.

While she enjoys all aspects of S&M, She decides when, where, and with whom. You will have no control over what happens to you and she does not play with safe words. Mistress Tara generally starts with corporal punishment. If the slave is obedient and well behaved She then enjoys a more sensual, erotic session.

This might consist of foot and leg worship, forced body worship, smothering, teasing and denial, OTK and prolonged erotic torture. If the slave is difficult, stubborn or can’t follow instructions, She gets into a heavier, more corporal type scene. However, the head Mistress tolerates no bottom manipulation.

Mistress Tara, New York, USA

For example; You will not be able to obtain a heavier spanking by fucking up on purpose. All slaves who exhibit SAM behavior wil be made to sit in the corner, ignored and in extreme cases abandoned.

Mistress Tara has an extensive fetish wardrobe consisting of leather, latex, PVC, fantasy costume, lingerie, garter belt and stockings, 1950’s girdles, bras, etc., business suits, dresses, gowns, and a particularly large collection of corsets, shoes and boots. She does not take wardrobe requests.

She is an internationally known fetish film star having appeared in over 100 titles and numerous magazines, many of which are available for purchase here. Mistress Tara is a 3X nominee for „Best Specialty Film at AVN.“ She has lectured for the learning Annex, TES, CES, and abroad and also gives private lessons in domination and couples counseling.

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