A Beating in the Toilet, interactive story

Interactive femdom story

Madame Samantha has selected a truly untraditional place to feed & drill her slave – the large Ladies’ bathroom in the Queen’s Palace. She not only enjoys throwing pieces of bread on the ground for the slave, but mainly feeding him right from the toilet bowl. The victim of her whim must humbly devour the soaked bread right from the toilet that is used by Noble Ladies in the Palace.
Madame Samantha isn’t satisfied however with his efforts. It seems to her that the slave isn’t expressing enough enthusiasm in his efforts & when an unexpected flushing doesn’t refresh him, it’s time for a well-deserved punishment. Without Madame Samantha allowing the slave to remove his head from the toilet, she straddles his bare head & now the beating begins. The large palms of our Madame Samantha fall in regular intervals with all their might on the bare ass of the slave. His ass turns quickly to dark red. The sounds resounding from inside the toilet bowl give testament to the beating & its ever-increasing intensity. But it’s too late for mercy. Then the Madame takes up a riding whip & the slave really gets it now.

The swishing rounds ring out in the bathroom. Finally Madam Samantha stops but the beating is far from over. The lady merely needs a moments rest, as she ties the slaves hands behind his back, again sits on him & the beating continues. For the grand finale she “rewards” the naked worm for his laziness with several drops of hot wax. This painful but effective training lesson is thanked by the thorough licking of her boot heels & soles.

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