Story of UK Mistress Prima: Shit eater

BDSM Story of Mistress Prima

BDSM Story: Shit Eater


After visiting a Mistress dominatrix parlour, where I kissed the Mistresses feet and licked their boots clean, cruel and clever Mistresses secretly filmed me masturbating, and blackmailed me to work for them, and to be their grovelling and obedient slave. These clever dominant Mistresses made an absolute fool out of me, and used me for their wicked humour, profit, and entertainment, at my huge discomfort and expense.
Firstly, my Mistresses allocated me with a „shit gang“, who were a group of ten Mistresses who initiated me into ultra humiliation, debasement, and degradation. My Mistresses ordered me to starve myself for a couple of days, so I was very hungry and could eat as much shit as possible for them. I was then forced to either sit or lay on the floor, as each Mistress took turns in squatting over my gaping mouth, and excreting huge, long, thick, solid, hot stinking dollops of shit into my grovelling mouth, making me quickly munch, swallow, and eat it.
On occasion, one Mistress would stretch my mouth cheeks wide open with her fingers, as two Mistresses would shit into my mouth at once, making me devour and swallow their great big filthy humiliating turds. After gorging on the shit of the Mistresses, it was so humiliating to have so much stinking dirty shit inside of me, as I was absolutely full of filthy shit for the Mistresses amusement and sadistic gratification.
I was then forced by my Mistresses to perform shit-eating shows at orgies, to add a bit of erotic spice and amusement to the greedy lovers extreme pleasure and sex, and then to perform shit-eating shows in front of female and male porno models, dominatrixes, and high-class whores, all for their excitement, amusement, and cruel entertainment.
These audiences of cruel libertines absolutely loved watching me grovel and squirm for them, and I was made to perform every evening for orgies, private shows for cruel and greedy lovers, and for dominatrix, whore, and porno model audiences, and I had to work very very hard for my Mistresses who had me in their trap. I will deeply devote the whole of my life to grovelling and eating shit for my Mistresses.
At the first audience of female and male porno models, dominatrixes, and high-class whores, I was made to wear a slave mask, which had holes for my eyes, but did not cover the bottom part of my face or mouth.
Five erotic female strippers came into the room and danced around very sexily, in order to provide some teasing and mockery to me, and for the erotic stimulation of the audience. I sat on the floor before a seated audience of porno models, dominatrixes, and whores, and as the pretty naked erotic strippers danced around me, they each said to me „Eat shit slave!“,
„Grovel slave!“, and „Eat horse shit!“.

Femdom Story Shiteater

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