Kidnapping, Stoning Ritual, Torturing her helpless 24-7 Slave in the Dungeons, Strait Jacket, strict Commands, Cigarette Torture, Smoking Fetish (german)

Free Wallpaper of Miss Cheyenne`s Prisoner

Miss Cheyenne has captured her Slave deep down in the Dungeons… and he has been waiting there without Water and Bread for 4 Days now! Wearing a Strait Jacket, he is completely helpless and waiting desperately for the Return of his 24/7 Mistress. The super-sexy MISS cheyenne finally enters the Dungeons and is looking very aggressively and arrogant at him! Now she is starting another Type of mean Interrogation: She is telling her 24/7 Slave what Slavery for her really means… and starts throwing many Stones onto his Body! She tries to hit his Cock and Balls with the Stones… and succeeds! He is suffering and trying to stop his Mistress, but MISS cheyenne is showing no Mercy at all and is continuing the Stoning Sentence! She is telling him what he has done wrong in the Past and making him clear that he has to pay for these Crimes now! Then the gorgeous MISS cheyenne starts smoking a Cigarette and is teasing her Slave to the Limit with her super-hot Body! She is giving him the next Commands and then is quitting her Cigarette on the Slave’s Foot Soles! He is crying in Pain… but what kind of Torture will be coming up next to him ?!

Miss Cheyenne torturing her prisoner

In Part 2 Miss Cheyenne is continuing the Stoning Ritual with her 24/7 Slave! She cannot stop throwing Stones onto him and showing him her total Control, while he is still wearing the Strait Jacket and being completely helpless. He is now completely at the Mercy of his Mistress and MISS cheyenne is enjoying all this way too much! She wants him to sign a Slave Contract and make Promises to her… this is Psycho and Mindfucking Terror! But the next mean Torture is coming up, when MISS cheyenne is suddenly taking out some different Canes! She is now spanking him severely with the Canes and is putting much more Pressure onto her Slave! After all this Caning Terror the Slave is agreeing to sign the Contract and to do everything for his Mistress. MISS cheyenne is allowing him to worship and kiss her super-sexy Butt now – as a little Reward! He is kissing her gorgeous Butt very passionately, while she keeps on teasing him with her super-sexy Body! In this Part the godly :: MISS cheyenne :: is verbally humiliating him to the Maximum. The Word „Mindfuck“ is the real Expression for this Scene!!Part #2 of the brandnew „THE STONING SENTENCE!“ – Series with the super-hot and kinky Lifestyle Mistress :: MISS cheyenne :: !

Some short Infos about this brandnew Killer-Clip: Duration: 9 Minutes (of pure Femdom, Torture and Suffering!) Movie-Format: .wmv (Windows Media Version in Full Screen Size!) Quality: High Quality! Starring: Gorgeous and unique :: MISS cheyenne :: and her extremely tortured and humiliated 24/7 Slave in the Dungeons!

Devil in Black

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