Diva Sara in Du Arschlecker bist mein Toilettenpapier!


Diva Sara will dich kleinen devoten Arschlecker als ihr Toilettenpapier benutzen. Du hast also die Ehre ihr sinnvoll zu nutzen und sogar ihren göttlichen Po zu küssen, ihre Fürze zu inhalieren, den Schweiß ab zu lecken und natürlich auch die Reste nach dem sch… brav weg zu lecken. Bist du demütig genug. Denk nach und verdien dir die Position als Scheisshauspapier, aber sei sicher, dass du am Ende – eben wie Klopapier – sowieso weg geschmissen wirst.

Sie dir diesen extrem gemeinen Clip der international bekannten Domina Sara Akeera aus Kanada aus der Opfer Perspektive an. Dieses Video wird dich beim Betrachten einfach nur noch diesen pefekten Arsch lecken lassen wollen.

Sara Akeera spricht in diesem Clip zum ersten Mal deutsch, diese WELTPREMIERE darfst du keinesfalls verpassen, also begib dich nackt auf Knien in die Sklavenposition, um den Clip nun zu geniessen…


Diva Sara wants to abuse, you little asskisser as her human toiletpaper. You will have the honour to serve in a useful way by kissing this perfect Goddess arse, to inhale farts, lick the sweat away and of course every leftover clean after shi… At least you can be sure to have the same destiny as every bumpf…

This great POV clips puts you in the of role of „a wanna be asslicker“ and „human toiletpaper in spe“ for this perfect ass, so better listen very well to your Mistress and enjoy the video naked on your knees now!

International Lifeystle Diva Sara Akeera in german language, is a must see, for all slaves worldwide!

Free Trailer

Mistress Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada

New website of persian Sara Akeera, high society Goddess and Empress

Free gallery of Mistress Sara Akeera, Vancouver, Canada

My Domination comes from within Me. Outside of all stereotypes and cliches. It is My art; My form of self expression in which creativity and intuition guide Me.

Bound and gagged, hanging from My ceiling, ready for Me to do with as I please, that is the way I prefer my subjects.

Using your senses the way one would play an instrument gives me pleasure. Your body, your mind and emotions are here for Me to explore, enjoy and ultimately master. I enjoy using rope, clamps, electricity and  much more to conduct long, dark, sensual torture sessions.

Teasing you to the point of frustration amuses Me.Prolonged periods of your readiness and arousal also serves my entertainment. Using My beauty and seductive qualities to My advantage comes naturally to me. It is also natural to deny you.

Fetish: I like seeing you grovel and snivel by My Feet. The sensuality of shoes is undeniable. Hearing the sound of my high heels on a hard floor turns me on. Foot,, Leg, Boot and Stocking fetishism are one of my other preferred preferences. I practise these with great passion and enthusiasm.

I find much pleasure in  attire. Often you will find me relishing moments in fine Latex attire, full Make Up, Stockings and heels. Leather items give me the feel of power and sexuality. Corsets and Garters represent the classic femininity that I’ve inherited from my upbringing.

Free femdom pictures of Sara Akeera

PLAY MY GAME!! Explore and worship my unusually exquisite feet. Stocking and High Heel Lovers will be spoiled by my abundant collection. Bound and Gagged is how I also love to see you. This way I can do with you as I please. I have mastered tease and denial as well as CBT, trample and corporeal punishment. Mild to Wild Flaggellation and Whipping are of interest to me. The kiss of the whip makes your body my very own. There are many things we can do. The Rule of the Game is that I AM IN CHARGE – and you are NOT! The purpose of this game, and the most satisfying thing to you, as I understand it, is MY AROUSAL. That is what we are playing for.

Madame Tera, OWK, Czech Republic

1A free domina gallery

Madame Tera likes:

* Punishment
* Foot worship
* Trampling
* Ball Busting
* Humiliation
* Roleplay
* Facesitting
* Wax torture
* Smothering
& much more

OWK Mistress Tera

1A free domina gallery of Madame Tera, OWK, Czech Republic. 

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