Journal of slavery

Punishment reports 1

Femdom Journal of Tara Indiana

Mar 14th

i spent a good part of the day being Mistress Tara’s chauffer. It was a normal day being the chauffer, i was late, got lost and got yelled at by a bridge toll taker for being on my cell phone. First i delivered Mistress Tara to do some work at a film studio on one of Her videos.
During dinner i was punished by Mistress Tara for being late. my punishment was that i was only allowed to eat salad for dinner. Mistress Tara knew i was starving, Her bread looked incredible – but i couldn’t have any. i thanked Mistress Tara for helping me watch my figure.
After Mistress Tara had eaten, i was to pick up Her friend and take them to a business meeting. After the business meeting, i drove Mistress Tara’s friend home and got lost in Queens. Having been there once before in my life, it wasn’t terribly surprising.
None of this mattered, i was going to be punished. i was to get 80 lashes with the cane for my getting lost in Queens.
Mistress Tara was leaving in the next day or so, for email me with instructions for punishment from there.

Mar 19th

i received this email from Mistress Tara today:
Dearest 1407,
In future, if you have a detailed message or progress report please e-mail as opposed to voicemail.
You must spend more time doing and less time thinking and planning; It is really unnecessary and you should spend absolutely no time prioritizing; I have already done this for you.
We discussed at length what the short and long term goals were to before the website and I made it quite clear: Content, content, content and more content. I told you to make sure the site was updated at least 2Xs a week; it has not been updated since the 13th.
Redesigning the site structure is a long term goal and one that should be worked on after you have done some new postings.
For example; On Tuesday you work on the site for 4 hours. First you post a new stories to the site in the Mistresses section, then you swap some links from the list I gave you, perhaps you ad some new pics here and there, or put up a new video and then you may work on redesigning the home page.
My understanding was that we had someone doing the scans so a webmaster could just drop them in. Has this changed?
You may work from home this week but I want you to go in for a short time to receive your caning for getting lost; 80 lashes if I recall correctly. You will print out this letter and present it to whichever Mistress is not busy with a session. After she reads it she may decide what other punishment is necessary. A wooden spoon might be nice, and then you may go home. I will expect a full report.

Never yours,

Mistress Tara

PS: Have you checked your other email lately, I had sent you some instructions there.
Mistress Tara was not pleased. i was clearly not focused on Her goals.

Mar 21st

the day had come for my punishment. i was about 2 hours away, i started off so that i would arrive about midnight. That night there was a horrible ice storm and had to be really careful. I saw several car accidents on the way home.

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